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Teach Driving in 3D Auto Edition | by Richard Rawden

Teach Driving in 3D | Book Auto Edition

Teach driving in 3D ‘Auto edition’ is aimed solely for Auto instructors.
This is a 62 page, fully laminated ‘secure wire-bound’ in-car teaching resource. It has a fantastic mix of graphics and photographs bringing to life real-life driving situations.
‘The manual starts with the cockpit drill, hand and foot controls and a thorough ‘mirror signals manoeuvre’ routine. The hand controls also cover the 3 different types of the parking brake.
Page 8 starts with ‘moving away safely, discussing POM and also and covers the different parking brakes. The book progresses through different types of junctions, how to approach them how to exit them, covering crossroads, roundabouts and onto manoeuvres.


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On the Move

2. How to use this book

3. Cockpit Drill

4. Foot Controls

5. Hand Controls

6. Mirrors – Signal – Manoeuvre

7. Mirrors – Signal – Manoeuvre

8. Moving Off

9. Stopping

10. Moving Off – Variations

11. Emergency Stop and Skidding

12. Safe Positioning

13. Use of Speed

Bends and Junctions

14. Bends – Left

15. Bends – Right

16. Approaching Junctions – Left

17. Approaching Junctions – Right

18. Emerging – Open Junction

19. Emerging – Closed Junction

20. Junctions – Variations

21. Crossroads

22. Traffic Lights and Box Junctions

23. Roundabouts – Large

24. Roundabouts – Mini

25. Roundabouts – Multi-Lane

In Town

26. Meeting Traffic

27. Traffic Calming

28. Pedestrian Crossings

29. Pedestrian Crossings – Variations

30. Bus and Cycle Lanes

31. One – Way Streets

In the Country

32. Country Roads

33. Crossings

34. Overtaking


35. Turn in the Road

36. Reverse Left

37. Reverse Right

38. Parallel Parking

39. Bay Parking

39a. Driving Forwards into a Parking bay

39b. Reversing out of a Parking bay

39c. Stopping on the opposite side of the carriageway

39d. Moving off from the opposite side of the carriageway

Multi-Lane Roads

40. Dual Carriageways

41. Urban Dual Carriageways

42. Motorways

43. Motorways – Joining and Exiting

Tricky Situations

44. Accidents and Breakdowns

45. Emergency Vehicles and Roadworks

46. Adverse Weather

47. Night Driving

48. Vehicle Maintenance

Independent Driving

49. Satellite Navigation

50. Driving distractions[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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