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Driving Test Nerves & Anxiety eBook | Help you Pass Your Driving Test

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 ** This eBook is included for FREE in the Driving Test Nerves online course**

This eBook is packed full of techniques to banish driving test nerves and help you to perform at your best on your driving test, and is also invaluable if you experience driving anxiety

Diane Hall DVSA(ADI), TFT-Advanced, is a driving instructor and therapist rolled into one, with over 17 years of experience helping learners & driving instructors to combat test day nerves & driving anxiety.


You may be able to drive well on lessons, but what happens when nerves get the better of you on your test?  You may be up to the required ‘physical’ standard to pass your test, but are you ‘mentally’ prepared?

Does it feel any different performing a hill start on a quiet road compared to a busy roundabout, when you’re looking for a gap to go, and there’s a car close behind you?  Physically there is no difference: it’s still the same clutch control, but mentally nerves can take over. You may be scared that you will roll back or stall, and then you start to question your ability. Have you ever said anything like ‘I hate hill starts, roundabouts’ etc? Emotions are very powerful things, and a calm, relaxed and confident emotional state will give you the best chance of passing your test. This is what this eBook will help you to achieve.

This book is ideal for both learner drivers and for driving instructors to help their learners. 

16 reviews for Driving Test Nerves & Anxiety eBook | Help you Pass Your Driving Test

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  1. Anonymous

    As most of us will know, taking a test not just a driving test can make us all very stressful.
    As an ADI most if not all my pupils suffer from feeling nerves or Anxious or both before their test and ask how they can cope with these feelings
    All I can offer is a reassuring words.

    Then I saw this ebook by Diane Hall, I sent this to all my pupils so far it has been met with great success.

    Definitely worth a read yourself, as then you are in a better position to help and Advise or even better recommend the ebook to your pupils.
    I have found this ebook invaluable, than you so much Diane


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  2. Anonymous

    Thanks so much for this lovely comment. As an ADI for over 16 years I’ve seen more and more pupils fail due to nerves taking over on the day and doing something sollynon test that they wouldn’t donon lesson. All our hard work as instructors is thrown out when the nerves take over! This is why I trained as a therapist and wrote L of a way 2 Pass. Used alongside lessons it will help anyone to remain calm and focused on test and remember what they’ve been taught by their instructor


  3. bettina.hibbitt (verified owner)

    Brilliant advice for anyone struggling with test anxiety.. highly recommended! Thanks Diane


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  4. Anonymous

    From an instructors point of view and pupils, this is brilliant. It makes so much sense and is well written with the pupil in mind. Diane is well qualified in this field. Talented lady. Diane is also an ADI so knows the pitfalls.


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  5. sallyruth91 (verified owner)

    Diane is amazing and her advice is invaluable! I am currently using her books and I’m also lucky enough to have her as my driving instructor. I would recommend to anybody who is learning to drive.


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  6. Anonymous

    A great ebook have sent this to a number of pupils and the feedback has been very good so far. Since 2003 I have been a Adi and I also suffer from nerves and stress. So this has helped my pupils as well as me. Thank you Diane.


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  7. mcapple2002 (verified owner)

    Diane has put together alot of research with what is a great tool along side what a pupil learns with an instructor. Her Ebook helped me a great deal in dealing with my anxiety.

    Kenny from Warrington


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  8. Anonymous

    This book is absolutely fantastic I suffer severely with nerves and without this book I would not have been able to get behind the wheel of a car to take my driving lessons all I can say is keep up the fantastic work Diane as without u I would have given up


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  9. mspiercey47 (verified owner)

    This product is fab. My nerves were raw after failing 3 times a few years ago. This e booked helped so much thank you


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  10. nicholasbarrett (verified owner)

    I took my part 3 adi test with an anxiety suffering pupil. Diane’s advice was helpful and the ebooks also helped. I passed with a lovely score and a happy pupil.


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  11. tony.line

    Great read and fantastic value for money


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  12. Iqrah Tahir

    This is an amazing book, I am greatful to Diane as without her I’d have given up.
    The advice and research helps learners like us beat our nerves and our CHIMP highly recommended for everyone

    Iqrah Tahir

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  13. Anonymous

    Diane’s ebook is truly amazing. She has spent so much time in helping others and getting this book together.

    Taking a test any test not just a driving test can be nerve wrecking and people become to fail because their nerves get the better of them and then it’s game over. I failed and failed I would to the test nervous didn’t no what to do or how to control the nerves after a few fails I then found diane and used her ebook to help me with test day nerves me like most people thought nothing will help me with my nerves but I will give it ago anything is worth a try, so I went ahead and did what the ebook told me and I went to test completely nerve free and I passed. I couldn’t thank diane enough.

    When something new comes along for me now and I become nervous bout it I think back to Diane’s ebook and it’s helps me through many things.

    Diane is truly amazing in what she does to help others and her ebook is great it’s very helpfull and works wonders for the nerves when they kick in. I would recommend this book to anyone and everyone you won’t be disappointed.

    Thank you again diane you and your book are truly amazing. Continue to help others with you fab work. Xx


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  14. Alan Baker (verified owner)

    Thank you for leaving such a fantastic review 🙂

    Alan Baker

  15. Alan Baker (verified owner)

    Thank you and great picture 🙂

    Alan Baker

  16. L of a way 2 Pass

    Thank you for such a lovely review! It makes all the hours I spend writing and teaching so worth it to read things like this.

    L of a way 2 Pass

  17. Anonymous

    Your most welcome. Keep up your good work.


  18. Anonymous

    Diane has helped me massively with support and her tips within her books. This wonderful lady really understands some of us need an extra hand and support when it comes to driving and this really helps!


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  19. Jodie Burke (verified owner)

    Ive started using this and already a weight is lifting from me. Give it a go!

    Jodie Burke

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  20. Cathy Bradley

    Highly recommended to anyone, to make them a better road user.

    Cathy Bradley

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  21. Jenny

    This takes you step-by-step the thought process of a person who is nervous about driving. Highly recommended!


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