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Meet The Standards eBook by Lee Jowett | An Instructors Guide to the Standards Check & Client C

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This 3 part book breaks down each of the 17 competencies of the DVSA Standards Check and Part 3 qualifying test, it introduces some Client Centred Learning techniques to help you to comply with the criteria of the assessments and delivers an insight into the research behind the ‘Standards’. In addition, it looks into the human factors that motivate behaviour and provides techniques to help you raise self-awareness and responsibility in your clients.

If you want to avoid the pain of a failed Standards Check/ADI Part 3 test or simply want to deliver more wholistic lessons to your learners…This book will help you!


Are you an ADI or PDI wanting to understand more about the Standards Check or simply wanting to improve your knowledge and skills around Client Centred Learning?
Are you looking to avoid the pain of failure on Standards Check or Part 3 and dreading that moment the envelope drops through your letterbox? Do you want to be more confident about delivering a great lesson to your clients? If so this book will help you.

Beginning with ‘Lesson Planning’ working through the safety-critical ‘Risk Management’ and finishing with ‘Teaching and Learning Strategies’ this 3 part ebook covers both the DVSA Standards Check and ADI part 3 17 competencies, in addition to helping you discover how to deliver a great Client Centred Learning lesson that meets the goals and needs of your pupil, keeps the car safe and delivers value for money.

It breaks down each of the competencies so that you fully understand:-

What each competency means.
What you need to do to meet the criteria.
The benefits of each competence to your client.
The benefits of each competence to road safety.

However it doesn’t stop there, it’s packed full of research to help you understand where the standards have come from and how they were formed, as well as lots of Client Centred Learning techniques that you can use to help your learners develop the essential skills of self-evaluation and self-responsibility. It provides an insight into the human factors that motivate behaviour and additionally there are examples of lesson plans that you can deliver, which take learning, and the learner, beyond the driving test, into their own world of driving, to help them understand their own motivations and risks as a driver, and help you to develop the skills which enable them to form coping strategies and become long term safer drivers…..So that both you, as the instructor, and your clients….’Meet The Standards’

38 reviews for Meet The Standards eBook by Lee Jowett | An Instructors Guide to the Standards Check & Client C

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  1. Charles Royle

    Great help to understanding the SC works and what is needed , a most read for all PDi & ADi alike .

    Charles Royle

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  2. Anonymous

    A must read for new and existing driving instructors .
    Very informative, a new and fresh approach to teaching .
    Well done lee


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  3. Diane Hall

    Brilliant book! It contains great information and well written. There is already so much out there to help us with Standard Checks, so I thought it would be difficult to produce something with new ideas. This book proved that belief wrong! This book made me reflect on my pupils, and how by employing Lee’s ideas would change the outcome of some of the lessons, and I am looking forward to putting these ideas into practice once we’re back ‘out there’!

    Diane Hall

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  4. Talitha Henderson (verified owner)

    Excellent ebook..

    Talitha Henderson

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  5. Neil Hughes (verified owner)


    Neil Hughes

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  6. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Well written


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  7. Kenny Balfour (verified owner)


    Kenny Balfour

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  8. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Well structured for adi and pdi


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  9. graham (verified owner)

    Only read a bit so far but enjoyed what I have read


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  10. Anonymous (verified owner)

    All good


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  11. Colbert Campbell (verified owner)

    Helpful and informative

    Colbert Campbell

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  12. Alan Baker (verified owner)

    Thank you, I appreciate you taking the time to leave this review – Alan @ NDP

    Alan Baker

  13. Gillian Hutton (verified owner)

    Enjoyed the helpful read
    Thanks..it was delivered immediately, good service.

    Gillian Hutton

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  14. Wendy Gregory (verified owner)

    Don’t as don’t have it

    Wendy Gregory

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  15. Luis Rosa (verified owner)

    Was a pleaser to buy at NDP store. Thanks

    Luis Rosa

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  16. Florin (verified owner)

    5 stars ?


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  17. William Hancock (verified owner)

    Nothing new I’m afraid, just jargon that we’ve heard before, so sorry it’s a 2

    William Hancock

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  18. Jeannie D. (verified owner)

    Very useful read, gained required knowledge

    Jeannie D.

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  19. Natalie (verified owner)

    Interesting read, will help me for my prep for my test.


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  20. Haley Briggs (verified owner)

    So far so good!
    Need to go through it in more detail, but do not think I will be disappointed!!

    Haley Briggs

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  21. Jeanette McDermott (verified owner)

    Great book very helpful. I know Lee personally and he always goes above and beyond to help all the local instructors in our area. I’ve done few online courses with him too and they have really helped me with things I’d never really thought about before. Fantastic set of books to help with your day to day job and your standards check.

    Jeanette McDermott

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  22. Paul Newton (verified owner)

    Good content

    Paul Newton

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  23. Jayesh C. (verified owner)

    Very informative.

    Jayesh C.

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  24. Lin (verified owner)

    very useful


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  25. Ariel (verified owner)

    A must buy


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  26. David

    Full of useful information. Thanks for publishing this.


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  27. Joe

    Love this book. Full of information. Very pleased.


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  28. Westley Adam

    Info clear and easy to read.

    Westley Adam

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  29. Mandy A.

    Brilliant! Up to date information. Easy to read and learn.

    Mandy A.

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  30. Alex Cole

    I learnt a lot. Well put together and a good buy.

    Alex Cole

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  31. Phil (verified owner)



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  32. Natasha R. (verified owner)

    Worth every penny. Hopefully it’ll stop terrible Sc nerves I know I’ll get by helping me prepare thoroughly. Looking forward to improving my everyday lessons too so that good practice becomes second nature.

    Natasha R.

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  33. Richard paul Whitaker (verified owner)

    Very high quality and informative.

    Richard paul Whitaker

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  34. John Jervis (verified owner)

    Excellent reading

    John Jervis

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  35. Susan (verified owner)

    Only just purchased so not had a chance to read it yet. I know it will be great if As Lee wrote it.


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  36. Peter Whyler (verified owner)

    Looking forward to reading it

    Peter Whyler

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  37. Hamid Taherbeigi (verified owner)

    Very good

    Hamid Taherbeigi

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  38. Shaun Harrington-Lunt (verified owner)

    Brilliant product and exactly what I was looking for. Thank you for a quick, reliable and professional service.

    Shaun Harrington-Lunt

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  39. John Langan (verified owner)

    Really good books to read good info

    John Langan

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