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Learn Driving in 3D Downloadable eBook | By Richard Rawden

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Learn Driving in 3D has been produced for new drivers and for qualified drivers looking to update their knowledge and skills.

The book was designed with three aims:

  • As a contribution towards road safety
  • To help new drivers understand the content of the driving test and how the examiner will conduct the test
  • To demonstrate the full UK driving syllabus as prescribed by

Driving Standards Agency, using unique, high-quality colour graphics

Learning topics have been grouped into seven themes:

  • On the Move
  • Bends and Junctions
  • Driving in Town
  • Driving in the Countryside
  • Manoeuvring
  • Multi-lane Roads
  • Tricky Situations


Each page gives a brief explanation of the key learning points of the topic (usually at the bottom of the page) and, where relevant, the driving examiner’s directions and instructions.

The illustrations, either a photograph or computer graphic, depict typical situations encountered on today’s busy roads. Imagine you are the driver of the red mini and try to visualise how you would deal with each scene.

Safe driving!


Included in this eBook

On the Move

1. Contents
2. How to use this book
3. Cockpit Drill
4. Foot Controls
5. Hand Controls
6. Mirrors – Signal – Manoeuvre
7. Mirrors – Signal – Manoeuvre
8. Moving Off
9. Stopping
10. Moving Off – Variations
11. Emergency Stop and Skidding
12. Safe Positioning
13. Use of Speed

Bends and Junctions

14. Bends – Left
15. Bends – Right
16. Approaching Junctions – Left
17. Approaching Junctions – Right
18. Emerging – Open Junction
19. Emerging – Closed Junction
20. Junctions – Variations
21. Crossroads
22. Traffic Lights and Box Junctions
23. Roundabouts – Large
24. Roundabouts – Mini
25. Roundabouts – Multi-Lane

In Town

26. Meeting Traffic
27. Traffic Calming
28. Pedestrian Crossings
29. Pedestrian Crossings – Variations
30. Bus and Cycle Lanes
31. One – Way Streets
In the Country
32. Country Roads
33. Crossings
34. Overtaking
35. Turn in the Road
36. Reverse Left
37. Reverse Right
38. Parallel Parking
39. Bay Parking
39a. Driving Forwards into a Parking bay
39b. Reversing out of a Parking bay
39c. Stopping on the opposite side of the carriageway
39d. Moving off from the opposite side of the carriageway

Multi-Lane Roads

40. Dual Carriageways
41. Urban Dual Carriageways
42. Motorways
43. Motorways – Joining and Exiting

Tricky Situations

44. Accidents and Breakdowns
45. Emergency Vehicles and Roadworks
46. Adverse Weather
47. Night Driving
48. Vehicle Maintenance

Independent Driving

50. Driving distractions

5 reviews for Learn Driving in 3D Downloadable eBook | By Richard Rawden

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  1. Anonymous



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  2. Anonymous

    I’ve purchased this only a week ago and it makes complicated driving simple. If you want to pass your driving test get this!


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  3. Dave

    This has given me the knowledge to be a better driver! Will always keep the lessons in mind!!


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  4. Matthew A.

    If we all applied the logic from this book the roads would be a better place for everyone.

    Matthew A.

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  5. Kevin Howland

    Read this in one sitting. Very interesting!

    Kevin Howland

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