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What should I do if I have to rebook a driving test?


If you find yourself having failed your driving test, you shouldn’t give up! Failing your practical driving test can be one of the most frustrating things to happen to you. After spending vast amounts of your personal time and money mastering the controls behind the wheel, it feels cruel and demotivating to be failed on very simple errors. There are many myths and misunderstandings around regarding having to rebook a driving test: here’s what you can do if you face having to rebook.


First things first: know that you don’t have to wait too long before you can rebook a driving test. Contrary to some people’s belief, you don’t necessarily have to go through another set of driving lessons before you can attempt again. Instead, you have just a ten-working day wait until you can take your next shot.


As many of you will know, the driving test waiting times can be jaw-dropping in some areas – and not in a good way. In particular high-demand areas of the country, you could face potentially months of waiting time before you’re able to retake your rebooked driving test.


The best way around this is to take advantage of other people who have had to cancel their booking slot and slide in their place. This is a first come, first served system though, and realistically you’d have to be refreshing the driving test booking web page almost constantly if you’re with a chance of taking a cancelled booking slot.


Thankfully, there is a service out there that will solve this exact problem for you. If you have to rebook a driving test and want it sooner rather than later in a high-demand area, consider the Driving Test Cancellation Checker. This brilliant service utilises Drongo the bot and his friends, who search through the DVSA driving test booking system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You simply supply your preferred location and timing, and Drongo will text and email you when he finds a free slot matching your preferences.


Using the Driving Test Cancellation Checker takes out all of the hard work for you, should you wish to rebook a driving test as soon as possible. You can rebook much sooner than you’d originally anticipate, and therefore all the controls of the car and rules of the road will stay fresh in your mind without having to spend extra on further amounts of refresher driving lessons.


Once you’ve rebooked a driving test, you can keep an eye on your appointment by visiting the web page. From here you’ll be able to see the date, time and location of your rebooked driving test. It’s important to remember the time, as driving tests always begin at specific timeslots to the minute!


From there, keep yourself refreshed on all knowledge to give yourself the best chance of passing your rebooked driving test. Consider Online Driving Lessons as a far cheaper (but just as effective) way of staying on top of your driving knowledge as you wait for your re-test.


Nobody likes having to re-do a test, but with a few simple tips and tools, the experience doesn’t have to be as painful as you expected!

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