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Driving Test Routes on Mobile or Sat Nav

One of the best learner driver tips is to pass your practical driving test is to get familiar with your local driving test routes, drive them as often as possible during your lessons with your instructor and when practising with friends or family before taking the test.

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Why Practise Driving Test Routes?

Know what lane to use

Being in the wrong lane can be classed as a major fault and often create anxiety during the test.

Understand local complicated roundabouts

Knowing the exit to take and how to get there is crucial on all roundabouts, especially complicated ones.

Save Money

Often many people overlook the cost of failing a driving test, not only do you need to pay for another test but more lessons too.

Know what the speed limit is

Speed is one of the biggest reasons for failing and surprising enough going to slow is very common.

Know when to change gear

Being in the right gear is important and sometimes complicated depending on the gradient & speed.

Know what instructions you will get next

Instructions will come from your examiner and often SatNav, practising them will give you more confidence.


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