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Intensive driving course – crash course driving

Need to pass your driving test fast? Whatever your current level of driving ability and needs, our intensive driving course represents excellent value for money with highly accelerated, quality learning built around your schedule. Our crash course driving course offers a fully comprehensive package, helping you through all stages of booking and taking your practical and theory test and making the whole process as fast and easy as possible.

If you have any questions, you can call us directly on 0208 2426212. Or you can request a callback from our team.

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Packaged benefits at a glance include:


  • Intensive, ultra-accelerated driving course to help you pass your theory and driving test extremely fast.
  • Our approved driving instructors are available nationwide.
  • We book your theory test for you.
  • Driving and theory test cancellation tracker.
  • Automatic retest booking where needed. (TBC)
  • Full access to a state of the art computerised interactive Learn to Drive in 3D course.
  • Assistance with managing test nerves.
  • The easy, fast and stress-free way to get your driving licence!

We offer a highly accelerated driving course

Whether you are only just starting to learn to drive or are already partway through learning to drive, we offer intensive, highly accelerated driving courses designed to get you through your practical and theory tests as soon as possible.

There can be many reasons for needing to get your driving licence very quickly. Perhaps you have just turned seventeen and can’t wait to get on the road or your circumstances have changed such as moving to a different career. Regardless of your situation, we are here to help achieve your goal and will assist with every step of the way.

Our approved driving instructors

Our approved driving instructors are handpicked nationwide for their quality and experience so regardless where you live, you can take advantage of our accelerated driving course and know that you will be in the best hands possible. Your driving instructor will assess your ability and expertly structure your intensive driving course around your individual needs. With the huge array of driving instructors working with us we can ensure that your tuition is not only local to you but also the best possible fit for you, helping to  ensure that you pass your driving test in the swiftest and most stress-free manner possible.

Booking theory test on your behalf

We aim to not only get you through your practical and theory test fast but to get you to your goal painlessly and stress-free, so we will book your theory test on your behalf. It’s all part of the package. We are all about saving you time and making your life easier – and as you can see, we have thought of absolutely everything!

Cancellation checker

With both driving and theory test slots continuing to be in huge demand, sometimes getting your test booked on a day and time that suits your busy schedule can be a real headache. The most popular slots of the day, such as those that avoid the times when the traffic is at its busiest, get snapped up very quickly. Of course, this is even more of an issue if you need to get your driving licence in a hurry. Usually, the only way to get a booking for any time soon is to keep an eye on cancelled slots and snap them up – if you have the time to keep checking over and over again that is!

But don’t worry – we’ll take care of this for you too! Our intensive driving courses are packaged with a live cancellation checking and booking service. You can be safe in the knowledge that if your driving or practical tests are not already booked, we will be working in the background on your behalf 24/7 while you are learning to ensure that the next suitable cancelled slot that comes up will be immediately filled with your booking.

Automatic retest

We pride ourselves on getting the vast majority of our learners through their practical and theory test first time but of course not everything goes to the first time every time. Should you not get the result you wanted on the day don’t dismay as we will make sure it’s no big setback – as part of the package should you fail either your practical or theory test we will automatically get you booked in for a retest so that you can get back in the hot seat as soon as possible and ensure that you stay on target to get your driving licence fast.

Learn to Drive in 3D course

We know how busy you are and will work around your schedule to make sure that your intensive lessons are on days and times that suit you best. To complement your course of intensive live driving lessons we also give you access to a state-of-the-art Learn to Drive in 3D course which presents real-life manoeuvres and situations with a focus on aspects covered in the practical test.

The course is designed to enhance your learning and knowledge and better prepare you for your practical test and future unaccompanied driving and with the extra learning complementing your on the road lessons we can get you to your goal even faster.

Of course, you never know when you will get a spare moment so the course is accessible anytime, anywhere on via your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop PC!

Managing test nerves

Everyone is affected by nerves to some degree when taking their practical or theory test. All too often the learner is fully competent and capable of passing their driving test with flying colours but their nerves get the better of them on the day and they make a mistake. In fact, nerves can be the most daunting enemy a learner driver faces…

That’s why we have enlisted the aid of renowned driving test nerves specialist Diane Hall to help you manage your nerves and successfully pass your test. As a seasoned approved driving instructor with a world-class speciality in tackling nerves, Diane knows all there is to know about making sure that nerves and stress are taken out of the equation when taking your test.


What course is best for me?

We base course suitability on the DVSA’s guidance of 47 hours of professional tuition. If you have previous driving experience we take this into account when it comes to which course you will need to have in order to be able to pass your driving test on the first attempt.

Do you offer home pick-up?

We do offer home pick-up. 90% of our courses are for home pick-up. If however, you live in a remote area, we may need to arrange your course in the nearest town or city where we have an instructor.

Can I cancel my course?

Once your course has been arranged and agreed with your driving instructor, we don’t accept cancellations. Due to the nature of intensives, it wouldn’t be fair on our driving instructor to be left without work for the week. After all, they are committing to you, we need you to be committed also.

When am I able to do my course?

Upon booking a course, we will give you a call to discuss possible start dates/times. We aim to deliver all courses asap. Of course there are many variables to give an exact answer, but most courses start between 5-8 weeks from the point of booking. If you are only able to do a specific date, we will do everything we can to get you booked in for this date. If you are flexible, then we are able to arrange your course as soon as possible.

Do you offer automatic courses?

Yes we do. However, not in all areas. We will do our best to arrange your course with one of our automatic intensive driving course instructors – if we aren’t able to, we will discuss with you alternative options.

Can I book more hours if I’m not ready?

This depends on how we arrange your course. On our larger courses we plan the training a week before your practical test. This is there to protect students who may need some ‘top-up’ training if they aren’t ready.

Can I have a female instructor?

We work with both male and female instructors. However, we can’t promise this. But we will try our best to match you with a female instructor if this is what you want.

What If I book too many hours?

95% of all bookings, book the correct amount of hours. However, sometimes a pupil may be really good and may not need some of their course hours. We do offer some options. A refund of the hours (ADI agreement) or save the hours and put these towards the pass plus course or some motorway tuition.

I haven’t passed my theory test, can I still book a course?

Yes, we still accept course bookings. We will book your theory test as soon as possible so that once you start your intensive driving course you are able to concentrate on your driving lessons without having to worry about your theory test.

I struggle with the theory, can you help me?

 Yes. All of our intensive driving course customers get free access to our in-house theory training course which is done online. This course is for the sole use of our intensive driving course students. Once you book your course, you will automatically get free enrolment.

I suffer with nerves, is an intensive driving course suitable for me?

Only you can answer this. However, what we can advise is that we have our very own in-house driving test nerves online course which was created by Diane Hall. We help our students as much as possible, but ultimately this decision is down to you.

Will I have breaks during my course?

Yes. Your driving instructor will make sure you have breaks throughout your day’s training.

Do I get a free retest with my course booking?

We offer a FREE retest on courses of 20+ hours. Unfortunately, we don’t offer a FREE retest on shorter courses.

What will happen if I don’t pass my theory test before my course starts?

Don’t worry, we will book you another one. As you get a FREE retest on all theory tests. We will aim to get you straight back into your theory test.

When is the final payment due?

The final payment is due to your driving instructor no later than 21 days prior to your course starting.

Will I have my driving test at the end of my training?

On our shorter courses, we will book your test and then arrange your training beforehand. On our larger courses, we will book in your training, and then seek a test 3-7 days after your course ends. We like to leave a little bit of time just in case you need some more training.

What happens if I fail my driving test?

If you fail your first attempt and are eligible, we will book you another one straight away.

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  1. Alexander Karsten

    Passed my test today. Initially went for this school as I could easily book online, my instructor was brilliant. Highly recommended.

    Alexander Karsten

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  2. Stephen Wallace

    Passed today with one minor. Had an amazing experience with such a lovely team. My instructor Claire was amazing and can’t thank everyone enough. Theory training was great too.

    Stephen Wallace

    (0) (0)
  3. Alex Hull

    Had a great time Passed my test in Aylesbury 2 minors. Your theory test course was good too especially on the hazard perception where it helped me most. Thnx for everything ta!

    Alex Hull

    (0) (0)
  4. Glen Anderson

    Becky is a great instructor, very patient and experienced and helped me pass my theory and practical first time?

    Glen Anderson

    (0) (0)
  5. Michael Trafford

    Passed first time really good training highly Recommend if you need to pass quick

    Michael Trafford

    (0) (0)
  6. Simon Edmonds

    What can i say. Fantastic throughout. The team are great and no problems from start to finish. Ian was amazing and delivered a first time pass. Thank you.

    Simon Edmonds

    (0) (0)
  7. Sally Jones

    Can not review as I waiting to take my intensive course next week, can not wait though

    Sally Jones

    (0) (0)
  8. Laura

    Very good instructor and happy with how fast it happened


    (0) (0)
  9. Tracy Bleser

    Ordered from a cheap intensive provider and they cancelled a few days before I was due to start. Do not go cheap because you get let down! Highly recommended

    Tracy Bleser

    (0) (0)
  10. Ann Marie

    Passed my test and Sarah the instructor was amazing thank you x

    Ann Marie

    (0) (0)
  11. Karen Bradley

    Passed today and I’m so happy thank you

    Karen Bradley

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