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MyFirst UK Promo Code (Save £100)


Passing your driving test and getting your first car is perhaps one of the most exciting moments you can experience in your driving career. It’s a landmark moment of personal freedom, and the world becomes your oyster. When it comes to insuring your car as a new driver, though, you may quickly find things become very difficult, and very expensive. It’s incredibly difficult, for example, to find any good deals, discount codes, or promo codes. Enter MyFirstUK!

It’s an unfortunate fact that new drivers like you are considered ‘high risk’ by most insurers. Most of them would rather insure an experienced driver, and tend to purposefully price new drivers out to discourage them from taking out a policy. But what if there was an insurer specifically designed for new drivers? Thankfully, there is, and they’re called MyFirstUK. What is there to know about them, and what deals and promo codes can you get? Read on to find out about an enticing MyFirstUK discount code.

Who are MyFirstUK?

MyFirstUK is a car insurance company that specialises in providing insurance for learner drivers, new drivers, young drivers and convicted drivers. In other words, for drivers who would usually have to pay a lot for their policy! MyFirstUK describe themselves as being on “your side” by offering the right cover at the right price.

You may have never heard of MyFirstUK, but rest assured they have built up a solid reputation over time. With an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 on Trustpilot (with 92% of reviewers awarding five stars), it’s safe to say that MyFirstUK put customer service and satisfaction high on their list of priorities – and their good prices and promo codes don’t hurt, either. More on that later, so make sure you read on!

What is the Promo Code?

Use Promo Code NOW100 to receive £100 off

Are they for me?

As we just touched on, MyFirstUK isn’t just about covering new drivers who have just passed their driving test. One service they offer is learner driver insurance. It’s a great idea to get out car insurance as you learn to drive, as it provides extra real-world practice for you. It also means you can avoid paying for extra lessons. If you want to save even more money, consider our fantastic 3D animated driving lessons!

As long as you are accompanied with a person over the age of 25 with a full UK driving licence that’s been valid for over three years, you can drive as much as you need to on your provisional licence with MyFirstUK. They promise to check your independent requirements, and pledge to find the best price for you. You can even start building up your no-claims discount whilst you’re still learning!

If you’re somebody who’s been driving for a little while, but you’re still young, then MyFirstUK can still benefit you. Even if you’ve had a year or two of driving experience under your belt, it’s fair to say car insurance remains very expensive. Prices do eventually come down, but not substantially! Tell them your specific requirements like your annual mileage, and they’ll work with that data to bring you the best possible price.

Finally, if you’ve unfortunately fallen foul of the law at some point with a conviction, fear not! It is known that having points on your licence can bump up your insurance premium, due to you being perceived as a more high-risk driver. However, MyFirstUK can still help you. They specialise in providing insurance to those with convictions, and keeping their premiums “reasonable”. They can even offer you cover where other providers may turn you down altogether!

Dash Cam insurance

MyFirstUK also offer something unique and modern in the form of dash cam insurance. You may have seen dash cams around, as they are slowly increasing in popularity. They are typically placed up on your windscreen in your car, and record everything that’s in front of you as you drive along. Dash cams can be a fantastic way of protecting yourself, since they record all hard evidence, should you have an accident. As a result, there’s never a ‘your word versus theirs’ problem when attributing blame! It’s also fair to say dash cams could improve driving behaviour when you know your driving is being recorded.

MyFirstUK recognise the benefits of how dash cams can improve road safety, and they subsequently offer the dash cam insurance. To do this, they have partnered with popular dash cam company Nextbase and motoring outlet Halfords. A Nextbase 312GW will be fitted at a Halfords branch to your car, which is included as part of the plan. You’re then free to drive as normal, whilst saving up to 30% on your policy.

Getting a quote from MyFirstUK

Should you wish to see how much car insurance from MyFirstUK would cost you, it’s thankfully very simple to do. You can fill out a simple form online, which should take no longer than about ten minutes. On here, you provide details about yourself, your car, and what kind of driving you expect to do. From there, they take it all into consideration to work out the best price possible for you.

Alternatively, you can call them directly if you prefer to speak to a real human! Calling them up gives you a better chance of getting an even more personalised policy to suit your needs, and thus even cheaper prices. MyFirstUK are open from 9am to 8pm Monday to Thursday, 9am to 6pm on Friday, 9am to 4pm on Saturday, and 10am-4pm on Sunday. You can also email or send a letter to them via their contact page.

And here’s the best thing: should you wish to get a quote with MyFirstUK, you can now do so with a whopping £100 discount! All you need to do is simply use the MyFirstUK promo code ‘100NOW’ when prompted in order to be eligible. That’s it! That is a saving of two tanks of fuel, or nearly a whole year’s road tax for an average hatchback for you.

If you’re a new driver, a young driver, a learner driver, or a convicted driver, then MyFirstUK may potentially be of benefit to you.

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