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Should you use Midrive? What do they do well? Midrive Reviews

  • Midrive picks / select good quality driving instructors based on real customer feedback and reviews
  • The reviews are very good (results below)
  • Midrive use award-winning Apps and offer digital lesson reports that make you learn faster and smarter
  • They aim to get you a driving instructor within 2 days and get you on the road within 7 days
  • Compared to the industry average you are 35% more likely to pass first time with Midrive
  • On average you save 17 hours before you pass

What do they do?

Midrive is the UK’s largest network of independent driving instructors and allows learners to book lessons with over 1,500 top rated local instructors from £20/hour, with a 100% money back guarantee. They have agreed on prices on block packages of hours (from 5-30) – you can search by postcode and book via their secure website or over the phone.

The great part is the more you book the less you pay per hour and Midrive even offers Gift Vouchers … What a fantastic Birthday present!

Money Back Guarantee:

If you are unhappy with your first lesson, you will get a full refund … That is confidence in the service!

Core Features:

  • £10 Learner Insurance Credit
  • Parent teaching guide
  • Refund if pass early (over 20 hours on the 30-hour package)
  • L Plate pack
  • Priority support

Midrive Reviews … Based on 229 reviews they scored:

  • 86% Excellent
  • 9% Great
  • 2% Average
  • 1% Poor
  • 2% Bad

These are clearly fantastic results and show that Midrive delivers a very high level of customer support! With no doubt, the New Driver Programme recommend them to anyone that is learning to drive.

If you are learning to drive with friends or family, a great way is to practice the Driving Test Routes of your local driving centre.

With NDP Driving Test Routes you simply select your local test centre, select your navigation device and the files get emailed to you automatically.

This is a great way to save you time and money to help you pass.


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