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You’ll spend time, effort, and not to mention your hard-earned money to take a driving test only to fail it, that’s certainly not the way to go. There should only be one goal, and that is to pass your driving test. While there’s no guaranteed way of passing your driving test the best way of getting your chances up is by putting your knowledge to test…without taking the actual test.

There are many mock theory tests available online, some are free, and some are paid. Which one should you take? Why pay if you can get it for free right?

9 Great New & Free Mock Theory Tests

Free Mock Theory Test

To help you better your chances of passing your driving theory test, we’ve prepared different levels of FREE theory mock tests. The levels are divided into easy, medium, and hard. Each level has three tests you can practise with.


Mock Theory Test 1

Mock Theory Test 2

Mock Theory Test 3


Mock Theory Test 4

Mock Theory Test 5

Mock Theory Test 6


Mock Theory Test 7

Mock Theory Test 8

Mock Theory Test 9

How Does It Work?

  • Each link above will direct you to the mock theory test of your choice.
  • We highly suggest you start from the easy level going to hard level.
  • 50 questions are prepared for each test and 10 for each page.
  • These are multiple choice questions to answer by ticking the button at the left of each choice.
  • You can move on to the next set of questions after you answer the ten questions on the page.
  • The result of your mock test will be provided once you’re done with all the 50 questions provided.

What To Expect In The Mock Theory Tests?

Free Mock Theory Test | What To Expect

To make sure that we’ve covered all the possible questions for the actual driving test, we prepared 9 sets of tests, as mentioned above. The tests are carefully curated which are UK based and with images for better comprehension. The questions are based on the Highway Code, and they cover the same topics used in the DVSA question bank, you’ll encounter a similar question in your actual test.

Tips To Getting Ready Using The Free Mock Theory Test

Free Mock Theory Test | Tips To Getting Ready

The mock theory test is the next best thing to the actual theory test; these tips are helpful in getting yourself familiar with the test.

  • Do each test from easy to hard. There might be duplicate questions, but in a different format, this will help you with comprehension.
  • Note the questions you get wrong. This way you can focus on them and learn about them better for when you take the actual test.
  • Don’t be fooled by the images. While the images are in place to help you comprehend the questions don’t rely on them solely, they might even cause confusion.

Benefits Of Taking Free Theory Mock Test

Free Mock Theory Test | Benefits Of Taking The Test

1. Helps You Practise And Prepare

With practice and understanding, you can solve problems quicker. A learner driver who takes free theory mock tests is proven to have an easier time in the actual theory test.

2. Helps Establish What You Know and What You Don’t Know

While it’s important how free mock theory tests will help you establish the information you already know, it’s also vital to know the areas that require more practice. There might be questions from the actual driving test you haven’t had the chance to study so taking a free theory mock test that’s reliable and realistic is very important.

3. It Gives You Ample Amount Of Time To Learn

After learning about the areas you need to improve on, you have enough time to learn about it, thus making you more prepared when you take the actual test.

4. Free Theory Mock Tests Help Relieve Pressure

There’s nothing more tormenting and frustrating than taking an exam unprepared. Knowing that you’ve practiced, again and again, gives you the confidence you need when you take the actual test.

5. Helps Reinforce Your Knowledge

While you may be already good at a specific area, it doesn’t mean you can no longer improve. Taking the mock theory test will help you reinforce your knowledge. While the objective is not to perfect your test, it’s always great to know that there’s a great possibility to do it. The driving information is not only vital for your test but in your daily life. All the information that you’ll gain will help you become a more responsible driver when you get your licence.

6. Helps In Time Management

Remember that actual driving tests are timed so doing a free mock theory test will help you practice manage your time properly.

7. Better Your Chances In Passing

While there’s no guarantee of passing the driving test, a learner driver who’s well prepared by doing mock theory tests has better chances of passing the exam.

How To Book Your Theory Test?

Free Mock Theory Test | How to Book

How was your mock test? If you feel confident to take the actual test and once you’ve completed your requirements, you must book your theory test in the official DVSA booking site.

If you need help in booking your driving theory test, you can contact the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA).

DVSA theory test booking support
[email protected]
Telephone: 0300 200 1122
Monday to Friday, 8am to 4pm

How Long Will it Take?

Free Mock Theory Test | How Long Will It Take

The driving theory test multiple choice section has 50 items you need to accomplish within 57 minutes. It is timed, so it’s very important to be fast but accurate.

Average Pass Rates

Free Mock Theory Test | Average Pass Rates

The multiple choice section of the driving theory test has 50 items, and you’re only allowed to make seven mistakes to pass it. The passing score is 43 points.

You will be given a certificate number if you pass your test. You will need this to book your practical driving test.

Important Note: Your pass certificate is only valid for two years. You must pass your practical driving test during that period. Failure to do so will forfeit the pass certificate, and you will have to pass the theory test again.

Meanwhile, you will receive a letter if you fail the test. The letter will identify the areas you did not make. You can take the theory test again after three working days. Enough time for you to study!

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