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Driving test routes on Apple or Andriod Apps

You can now get a driving test routes app on both Apple and Andriod devices.

What are driving test routes?

They are exactly that, they are the routes that you are likely to take on your actual driving test.


How do I download them?

You can purchase them here

Will it really help me pass my test?

One of the best learner driver tips in 2018 to pass your practical driving test is to get familiar with your local driving test routes, drive them as often as possible during your lessons with your instructor and when practising with friends or family before taking the test.

Can I get support?

Of course, you can contact us here

Where did the routes come from?

The routes were published by the DVSA themselves, they are now available to download and practice with an App.

Are there any extra charges?

Yes there could be depending the Apps that you use them in some Apps have an ongoing monthly subscription fee – Click here for more details

What driving test centres are available?

Most driving test centres are available you can check below …

You can download your local Driving Test Routes to any of the following compatible devices:

Driving test Routes

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