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Change Your Driving Test

Find Driving Test Cancellations the clever way


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You’ve booked your practical driving test and something has come up that you simply can’t get out of? Don’t worry, if your circumstances have changed since you made the original booking, you can change your driving test appointment to a different date, time or location at no additional cost. The payment you’ve already made will be carried over to your amended booking.


Change Your Driving Test Now



Ready to pass your test and get your full driving licence but your appointment is months away? Why waste your time and money on additional driving lessons, when you can change your driving test appointment and skip the long wait? Read on to find out how to move your driving test date forward. This will save you time and money!

The most important thing to remember is that if you want to change your driving test, you must do so at least 3 working days prior to your appointment to avoid losing your booking fee and having to pay again. Remember, Sundays and public holidays don’t count as working days.

Below guide will help you change (or cancel) your driving test in England, Scotland and Wales. Please note that there’s a different service if you’re looking to change your driving test in Northern Ireland.


Change Your Driving Test Now



How to change your driving test appointment

You can change your driving test date, time or location free of charge online on the official GOV.UK website. This online service allows you to search for an earlier practical driving test (sometimes called a ‘cancellation appointment’), move your driving test to a later date and change which driving test centre you want to take your test at. It’s available from 6 am to 11:40 pm.

If you prefer to speak to someone or need any help with changing your driving test appointment, you can call the DVSA driving test booking support on 0300 200 1122. The lines are open Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 4 pm.

Make sure you have the following information at hand before you start making any changes to your existing driving test booking:

  • your valid UK provisional driving licence number
  • your driving test reference number or theory test pass certificate number (from the letter you got when you passed your theory test)


How many times you can change your driving test

You can change your driving test appointment up to 6 times. If you need to change it again after that, you’ll have to cancel your driving test and book a new one, which means paying for it again.

Remember, you’ll get a full refund when you cancel your driving test as long as you give a minimum of 3 clear working days’ notice.


What’s the waiting time for a driving test?

Many learner drivers in the UK ready to take their practical driving test are often unaware of the long driving test waiting times (that range from weeks to over 3 months) at many of the DVSA driving test centres. For those who don’t mind taking their time and having their driving test date months down the line, waiting times aren’t much of a problem. However, for those who need their full UK driving licence quickly (due to work commitments for example), spending months waiting around can be an incredibly frustrating experience. Luckily for them, there is a solution. Driving test cancellations.


Driving Test Cancellations

Learner drivers change or cancel their practical driving tests all the time, for all kinds of reasons. And when it happens, their appointment becomes available for another test candidate to take.

This is your chance to nab an earlier driving test date and avoid those dreaded waiting times.

Remember, it can be extremely difficult to get a driving test slot when you want one as waiting times in many areas can be nearly 4 months. This can be especially frustrating if you’ve failed your test and you’re looking to rebook quickly. And if your theory test is expiring soon, time is even more of the essence. Make sure to check for available test dates as soon as you need one and book it immediately (just remember it has to be at least 10 working days after your last test). If you wait, next time you check the DVSA online booking system, those test dates might be even further away.


Change Your Driving Test Now



How to Find an Earlier Driving Test Appointment?

There are two ways to search for an earlier test date:

check-driving-test-cancellationsDo It Yourself for FREE (if you have time & patience…)

Head to the DVSA website and book the closest practical driving test appointment available that you’d be OK with. Once this is booked, log in here and start searching for driving test cancellations in order to get a more suitable (earlier) date. Simply Search – Refresh – Repeat. As frequently as possible. Until you find that perfect cancellation before someone else does. Act fast, driving test cancellations tend to be snatched up very quickly.

Although checking manually like this is free to do, it can take a long, long time… You’ll need to be patient and spend a lot of time logging into the DVSA online booking service to see if suitable slots are available. But if you need your test FAST, you might want to try something different, something a lot more effective and time efficient…

Use a Driving Test Cancellation Checkerdriving-test-cancellation-finder

Don’t want to wait months for your driving test? Tired of refreshing the DVSA web page over and over again in search of an earlier driving test date and can’t find one? Haven’t got the time to search day and night for an earlier test date yourself? Try a driving test cancellation checker to give yourself the best possible chance of securing an earlier date and save a lot of time, effort and money.

The concept behind driving test cancellations checker service is simple: help you find an earlier driving test date and get you on the road as quickly as possible. Remember, you’ll need to already have a practical driving test booked to start using this service.


Is Your Driving Theory Test Expiring Soon?

Need a test real quick, before your theory test expires? Unable to find any available slots? Do not despair, there may still be time to get a driving test cancellation at your preferred test centre(s). Sign up with Driving Test Cancellations Checker and they’ll help you find one before your theory test expires.


Get Ahead of the Game & Find an Earlier Driving Test with Driving Test Cancellations Checker


Change Your Driving Test Now

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