how to pass your driving test

In all walks of life, preparation is the key to success. To make sure that you have done everything possible to get ready, read our Ultimate Guide to Passing Your Practical Driving Test First Time for a run-through of everything you need to know before booking your driving test: how the test works, what to expect and loads of truly amazing tips, tricks and hacks, so when the big day comes, you get that first time pass and finally get out on the roads on your own.

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When to Change Gear in a Manual Car

Beginner’s Guide: When to Change Gear in a Manual Car. Changing gears is a fundamental part of driving a car with a manual transmission. It’s about using the engine’s power in different ways to match changing road, traffic and weather conditions. Changing up or down through the gears allows your car to keep up with the different speeds at which you travel. To get the best out of your engine in changing driving conditions, you need to be able to change to the most appropriate gear at the right time.

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