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Part 2/3 & Standards Check Nerves & Anxiety eBook | by Diane Hall

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This eBook contains unique techniques to banish your nerves, enabling you to feel relaxed and in control, ensuring that you can perform as well on your Part 2, 3 or Standards Check as you would normally do whilst teaching your pupils, or when with your trainer.


The Check Test used to fill ADIs with dread, and even more so now with the Standards Check, where we are judged on so many different factors. Do you dread that envelope ‘inviting’ you to your Standards Check? Do you feel sick at the thought of it? Do you lie awake trying to decide which pupil you can take? You’ve spent your hard earned money on training. Perhaps your head has been buried in training materials, courses, videos etc, for weeks, but if nerves get the better of you on the day, all of your training and preparation has gone to waste!

The day of your part 2,3 or Standards Check arrives; how do you feel? Calm, relaxed, confident, excited, in control, can’t wait to prove yourself… or a bag of nerves, feeling sick, stressed, intimidated, knowing that your whole career rides on that one hour with the examiner sat in the back watching your every move and judging you!

How often do we tell our pupils to ‘treat your test as a normal lesson’, but in truth that’s not what we do when we are on test! How would it feel to have at your fingertips a range proven techniques to eliminate your nerves and anxiety, allowing you to remain calm under pressure?

As well as using these techniques for your own test, they can all be adapted to you can use them to help your learner drivers.


16 reviews for Part 2/3 & Standards Check Nerves & Anxiety eBook | by Diane Hall

Based on 16 reviews
  1. Anonymous

    This week I kept my “A” grade on SC, just wanted to say a big thank you to Diane Hall, I downloaded her E-Book quite a while ago, I’ve been using the hand tapping to great effect with pupils who have the age old problem – left & right mix up, even had a pupil always check centre right for turning left, used the hand tap and hey presto problem solved, test passed.

    My SC was Thursday 13th, I used the TFT technique last Sunday and from that moment on hardly gave my test any thought, Wednesday I did it again, completely relaxed throughout the whole thing, usually I get tongue tied & only just manage to scrape through, if you’ve not used it, what you waiting for, if it doesn’t work for you, you’ve lost nothing, she’s giving it away, but trust me IT WORKS ! Brilliant — feeling grateful at Drive Right – Driving School.


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  2. hayleywilliams (verified owner)

    I have my final attempt at part 3 coming up soon and I’m excited to put into practice some of the ideas. Hopefully I’ll beat those test day nerves.


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  3. Anonymous

    I took my very first SC since qualifying in 2011 last December and failed on risk assessment!
    After downloading this e-book, working through the exercises even in the TC this morning, I PASSED with a strong B. It inspired and transformed me in every way. I would like to personally thank Diane Hall!


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  4. Alan Baker

    What a lovely review 🙂

    Alan Baker

  5. staceymiddleton (verified owner)

    Spoke to Diane Hall very briefly on the phone the evening before my final attempt at the Part 3 exam! 10 minutes ON Facebook Video Chat with her questioning me to find out what techniques would work best and getting me to practice. Followed on by a link to getting rid of the Part 2/3 nerves using the technique for anxiety and Diane even taught me one to deal with intimidation I felt from the examiner. It was weird the techniques at first but something happened and I don’t know what but it really does work! Highly recommend this to any PDI/ADI/ Learner Driver of any age/ability it does something and it works…a small change helps in a big way!


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  6. David Williams (verified owner)

    Not read it yet so can really comment

    David Williams

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  7. M J Jackson DVSA ADI MIH (verified owner)

    Very interesting and enlightening – an invaluable read which I and my Clients continue to benefit from.Thanks Diane!

    M J Jackson DVSA ADI MIH

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  8. Gillian Chatterton (verified owner)

    I failed my SC in February due to being a nervous wreck. I know I can do my job well but just hate these tests. I used Diane’s ebook and used the techniques within. This book has had a fantastic effect on me. This time I passed my SC and I felt really calm both before and during the test. This book helped me massively. Brilliant!

    Gillian Chatterton

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  9. Stephen F. (verified owner)

    The first two pages have already got me to want to read more ?

    Stephen F.

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  10. Fareen Sajjad (verified owner)

    I read this book a week before my part 2 test and I can say it was a major factor in my preparation for my test! I can gladly say I passed with only 2 minors and this book was a massive reason in my positive mindset going into the test. The book has taught me that positive self talk can make such a difference to our mind and the results we achieve. I highly recommend this book not only for part2/3/SC but many other aspects of life! Such a great book by Diane Hall! Thank you again!

    Fareen Sajjad

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  11. Angela Wilson (verified owner)

    Interesting reading & excited to put it into practice ?

    Angela Wilson

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  12. Maria B.

    This is a great book for any driver wishing to improve and enjoy safe driving.

    Maria B.

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  13. James Wells

    I used to be an instructor and feel that every learner should have this.

    James Wells

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  14. Nichola A. (verified owner)

    A really useful book that every driving instructor should read. Lots of techniques to help students (and instructors) reach their full potential and help with feelings of anxiety and nerves. I can’t wait to put the ideas into practice.

    Nichola A.

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  15. Mukesh (verified owner)

    A helpful guide with very useful methods/ techniques in coping with negative thoughts/feelings of nerves anxiety and apprehension when taking tests.


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  16. Ola D. (verified owner)

    Great and very helpful book

    Ola D.

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  17. Yasir Ramzan (verified owner)

    Fantastic Read full of very beneficial knowledge

    Yasir Ramzan

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