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L of a way 2 Pass eBook | Driving Test Nerves Techniques

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L of a Way to Pass eBook

DRIVING TEST NERVES? Help is at hand! You may be able to drive well, but what happens when nerves get the better of you on your test?  Failing your driving test can cost you £££’s in additional tests and lessons, and for a fraction of the cost, you can benefit from specialist techniques, to help you drive as confidently on the test as you do with your instructor.

This book is ideal for both learner drivers and for driving instructors to help their learners. Some of the techniques are most effective when practised during driving lessons and others may require some help from your driving instructor

Diane Hall DVSA(ADI), TFT-Advanced, is a driving instructor and therapist rolled into one, with over 16 years experience helping learners & driving instructors to combat those test day nerves, via her Driving Test Nerves Online Course, eBook, and 1-2-1 Stress Buster Sessions.


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If you already feel completely confident in your driving ability,  can perform all the manoeuvres correctly, and drive without your instructor’s help and guidance,  then don’t buy this book because you don’t need it. However, if there is the slightest doubt in your mind about your confidence or competence levels, or you think that ‘nerves’ will get the better of you on your test, then read on, this book has been written especially for you.

If you have dyslexia and/or dyspraxia you may find that learning to drive can present challenges for you, such as sequencing issues, muddling up left and right, short term memory problems, as well as lots of frustration! Therefore, a specialist chapter has been written for you using multi-sensory learning techniques to make learning easier and much more enjoyable.

About the Author

Diane Hall DVSA(ADI), TFT-Advanced, is a driving instructor and therapist rolled into one, with over 16 years experience helping learners & driving instructors to combat those test day nerves, via her Driving Test Nerves Online Course, eBook, and 1-2-1 Stress Buster Sessions.


16 reviews for L of a way 2 Pass eBook | Driving Test Nerves Techniques

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  1. Anonymous

    5* cannot recommend enough. Really helped me through my driving tests and feel a more confident driver because of it.


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  2. Anonymous

    If I could give more then 5 stars I would!! Diane and her technique were amazing, if it was not for Diane and all the techniques I would not be driving, I was so sacred to drive a car but with all of Diane’s help i don’t worry any more I just get in my car and drive!
    I highly recommended.


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  3. Anonymous

    I was a very nervous driver at the start and struggled under pressure but Diane did a great job helping me through that – I ended up passing my test the first time!!! 100% recommend


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  4. Anonymous

    Diane taught me to drive last year. After putting off learning for years I finally plucked up the courage to start. Diane used a lot of the techniques on me that she talks about in this book. I became such a confident driver, no longer had anxiety when getting in the car. 100% recommend this book, and Diane as a driving instructor.


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  5. Anonymous

    This worked wonders for me and is a definite must have!


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  6. emilyhudson

    I read the exercises and I literally thought to myself there is no way that’s going to help me with nerves but I went through the 2 exercises right before my test and i was so calm I just pictured myself driving with my instructor. Honestly give it a read because it may help you too!
    Of course my instructor has been great throughout and really brought my confidence out but nothing really shakes of the nerves for the practical ???


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  7. L of a way 2 Pass

    Hi Emily, that is so lovely thank you. You are so right that nothing replaces the lessons you take, and this eBook isn’t meant to replace your lessons, but to help you to remain calm, focused and in control on your test, and be able to drive the way your instructor has taught you, rather than nerves and panic taking over. Thank you so much for writing this as I’m sure other learners who feel nervous will see how it’s helped you, and give it a try. Enjoy your driving!

    L of a way 2 Pass

  8. Anonymous

    This is an absolute must read. I’ve only recently purchased it but I’m using the content in my day to day lessons already. Diane has made it far easier for me to understand what’s going on in my pupils thought processes and test nerves. This will be used time and again. Thoroughly recommend it.
    Thank you Diane.


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  9. confidence2pass

    Thanks so much for this comment, John. As ever, nerves and other negative emotions can have such a huge impact when learning to drive. Not just the test but other situations such as hill starts. It may be that someone can physically do a hill start perfectly, but all that can change when at a busy junction, on test, car close behind etc. The physical control of the clutch is just the same, but what changes is the thought process.


  10. sallyruth91

    Diane is amazing and her advice is invaluable! I am currently using her books and I’m also lucky enough to have her as my driving instructor. I would recommend to anybody who is learning to drive.


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  11. Anonymous

    A brilliant book and good techniques such as the visualising the gear technique. I have been using this for years with my customers and it really works!


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  12. Anonymous

    A brilliant book with great techniques such as the visualising the gear technique. I have been doing this with my customers for years and it works!


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  13. meadontammy

    Need to give his lady a mention. Although she was not my driving instructor I struggled with nerves even more when it come to my driving test. I got in touch and spoke to Diane and her fella over the phone they helped ease my self and learnt me how to deal with my nerves when it come to driving test. Diane didn’t just help once but twice. Then I started a new job really nervous bout going alone I used the information from Diane and it really helped me. I would recommend Diane and her ways to deal with neves to anyone struggling. Truly amazing I will always be great-full for the support I received. Some people may think yeah yeah it won’t work but it really does. So it a try if you a struggling. Thank you so much Diane and partner xx


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  14. louisemcglade

    I finally passed my test on my third attempt, after lessons over the course of nearly 2 years (with a five month break in the middle). I am the most nervous person and honestly thought I’d never get there. I wanted to give up so many times and to be honest, I hated most lessons. I just wanted them over and done with and for that reason never got the most from them. I felt like I forgot everything from one week to the next. Then I bought Diane Halls book and after a few weeks I swear I was hardly even nervous for my test. I was able to recall more of the previous lessons. I was able to calm myself after I made a mistake. In fact, tge day of my test I knew I was going to pass before I left the house. If anyone feels like that please speak to Diane or work through the techniques in this book. It helped way more than i could have imagined.


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  15. Anonymous

    This is the single best bit of training I’ve done in years. It really works, it’s easy to achieve in car with students and … it really works. ?


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  16. Anonymous

    I’m a driving instructor. Some of my pupils, quite understandably, get nervous and ‘stressed’ before they take their driving test. I do everything I can to calm them but sometimes they need expert help. That’s when I turn to this book. The techniques Diane describes are amazingly effective and really easy to follow. They have reduced pre-test stress levels in even the most nervous (and sceptical) of my pupils to almost zero! I have used them myself when I was faced with a stressful situation and they worked for me too. All driving instructors should sent your students this link. Buy it, you won’t be disappointed.


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  17. Anonymous

    Do you know how it feels to fail 4 times ? I do. I felt like I am stuck between being able to drive well with family and friends and unable to pass the test – only because of stress and anxiety, negative thoughts and talking myself to another failure during the test situation. This book is everything for me now. Not only helped me to pass my test but also because took me to the ground I never believed exists – changing mind set! Its only 6 weeks but miracles happen- I am new driver and I started to remove other traumas I’ve nursed for years. All the techniques from the book can be applied to any aspect of our life we struggle with. So wholeheartedly recommend everyone to try – I did and it was the best gift I could give myself and best gift I could receive. Diane, no words to thank you ?


  18. Jane McAllister

    Amazing, eye opening and inspiring. Helped me in preparation for my Part 3 test. Thank you!

    Jane McAllister

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