GPS And Your Driving Test eBook

Know your SatNav.

How it really works with practical tips to give you more confidence in your SatNav driving.


SatNavs are remarkable pieces of kit. So good that many tend to forget that like most things they have their limitations. The book puts GPS, the map and the software into perspective to demonstrate the where and why it can mess you up with practical tips to help you avoid these. Forget ‘pinpoint anywhere in the world anytime’.

You may be surprised to learn just what is involved to give us this useful navigation aid, but, there are the not so perfect times due to errors in the system and due to the environment it works in. Knowing where these can occur will give you that extra confidence on your test and future driving.

How GPS puts the dot, arrow or car on the map.

How accuracy can be affected.

How the map works and how it calculates your route.

I wish you the best on your test and future driving.



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