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Driving Test Nerves Pro | Give your students free access

Give your pupils free access to a comprehensive suite of videos to enhance their learning experience.




Take your driving school to the next level by providing your pupils with unlimited access to amazing techniques to combat Driving Anxiety & Test Day Nerves


  • Become the ‘go-to’ Driving Test Nerves Specialist in your area
  • Empower your pupils to eliminate negative emotions such as anxiety, fear & intimidation
  • Techniques to help your pupils increase confidence & self-esteem
  • Accessible via smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop
  • Student data is secure, encrypted and will never be sold to advertisers
  • Enhance your pupil retention and attract new customers




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Your pupils can eliminate driving anxiety, eradicate emotions such as panic at hill starts & busy junctions, feeling intimidated by other road users & combat test day nerves, by accessing the same powerful techniques that have been used to help the Troops returning from Afghanistan with P.T.S.D.


You can even use the techniques yourself to feel confident, calm, relaxed and in control of your emotions on your Standards Check




Providing your pupils with access to our Driving Test Nerves online course can improve your pass rate, as your learners are able to take their test feeling calm, confident & in control of their emotions, leading to more pupil recommendations as the ‘go-to’ instructor for nervous & anxious pupils 



The Driving Test Nerves course includes:

  • The Key to understanding your mind
  • The Amazing ABC technique to control negative thoughts
  • Techniques to eliminate fear, panic, nerves, stress, anxiety, intimidation
  • Strategies to increase confidence and self-esteem
  • Methods to stop your pupils ‘talking themselves into failure’
  • Ten second technique to stop your pupils muddling up left & right
  • Real life stories from learners who’ve used the techniques to help them
  • FREE eBook for all pupils: How to beat driving test nerves & anxiety

Bonus content for instructors:

  • How to use the techniques to remain calm, confident & in control on your own Standards Check
  • In depth look into how our mind’s work
  • Dealing with your pupils’ ‘Anticipatory Anxiety’ (the fear of the fear!)
  • Understanding why what you say ‘goes in one ear and out the other!’
  • The ‘Deep Dive’ into the mind – how to combat ‘Phobic Self Talk’
  • The techniques can also be used to help with refresher lessons where someone is anxious, or perhaps has a fear such as driving on dual carriageways or motorways


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