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Combatting Test Nerves | by Diane Hall

** FREE TO PDIs & Trainee Driving Instructors **

Featuring the amazing Thought Field Therapy technique to combat test day nerves for your Part 2 & 3  


I’ve produced this short eBook for PDIs & trainees which features the incredibly effective Thought Field Therapy technique to combat nerves, anxiety, fear, panic, worry and stress, for your Part 2 or 3 nerves.  These techniques are being used by instructors throughout the country for their Standards Check nerves, and for their pupils who may panic at things like hill starts or roundabouts, through to their driving test. 

It also features a really simple technique that takes less than 10 seconds to stop pupils muddling up left and right!  Instructors have so many ways to do this from L/R stickers on mirrors and various places on their car, through to saying ‘your way’, ‘my way’, and even things like ‘watch’ and ‘bracelet’ to differentiate which is which.  NEVER again will you need to use any of these as this technique is so effective! Oh… and it also stops you standing at the top of the stairs wondering what you went up there for, and wondering where your glasses are when they are on the top of your head!  It’s not an ‘age’ thing, it’s called Psychological Reversal, and this simple technique will ensure that you and your pupils are not Psychologically Reversed. 



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